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Unity Not Uniformity

    The purpose of this web site is to present a insightful perspective about the teachings of The Urantia Book. This is accomplished, in part, by over 100 years of collective experience from the Research Institute's three founders. This includes fostering and consequently hosting countless study groups, dozens of written articles published and not, 24 consecutive years of hosting the longest running Urantia conference in the movement's history.

    Being raised in traditional Christian churches and attending religious high school and years of study and classes in various world religions, lends a deep background for a deeper understanding of the latest Revelation to our planet, Urantia.

    By applying the truths and spiritual axioms over decades of life on this dark and troubled world, experience has taught us wisdom and how to apply philosophy to effectively navigate through the murky sophistries of our day with an eye always to the light of our Heavenly Father.
    "If it doesn't have to do with Truth, Beauty and Goodness, we'll have no truck with anything about it." 1-31-7

Truth Beauty and Goodness

From The Urantia Book

    "Law is life itself and not the rules of its conduct. Evil is a transgression of law, not a violation of the rules of conduct pertaining to life, which is the law. Falsehood is not a matter of narration technique but something premeditated as a perversion of truth. The creation of new pictures out of old facts, the restatement of parental life in the lives of offspring--these are the artistic triumphs of truth. The shadow of a hair's turning, premeditated for an untrue purpose, the slightest twisting or perversion of that which is principle--these constitute falseness. But the fetish of factualized truth, fossilized truth, the iron band of so-called unchanging truth, holds one blindly in a closed circle of cold fact. One can be technically right as to fact and everlastingly wrong in the truth." - P 555

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